About Us

Our mission is to consistently exceed a client’s expectations by providing a sophisticated web-based informational resource for both buyers and sellers supported by consultative services from San Clemente real estate agents who value their clients more than their commissions.

We are a real estate company focused on the basics of good business: hard work, exceptional training, continued education, and customer service that always exceeds expectations. San Clemente Coastal Living is a team of highly skilled specialists dedicated to knowledge, exceptional communication, and customer satisfaction. It seems like a pretty basic concept to grasp: in order for a “team-based” concept to be successful, you have to put together an exceptional group of individuals dedicated to a common mission.

Our websites support offices promoting a team concept for the benefit of the client based on specialization and consultative-based customer service. Our San Clemente real estate agents work in tandem, rather than against each other, in order to provide superior customer service to our clients while maintaining a familial atmosphere in the office that encourages collaboration and teamwork.


San Clemente Coastal Living is a one-stop-shop for real estate services.  We provide community expertise and consultative-based customer services to home buyers and sellers.  We also assist potential tenants with securing rental properties, and landlords may take advantage of our property management services to make owning an investment property that much easier.

Buyer Services

Our buyer services start with our website. We put all of our local market knowledge and expertise into your hands through our website in order to provide as much information as possible and to expedite the process of your real estate search. We want to make the purchase of your San Clemente home as smooth, efficient, and relaxing as possible.

Services we provide:

  • A comprehensive tour of San Clemente to help you better understand what this market has to offer in terms of property types, neighborhoods, amenities, schools, price ranges, etc…
  • An analysis of the market from an investment standpoint providing historical, current, and projected values and the factors affecting these so you know what to expect from your purchase
  • Assistance in buyer prequalification for a loan through our recommended or your preferred loan mortgage officer
  • An analysis of your potential pre-tax and post-tax obligations to ensure a home price that fits into your budget while helping you to understand opportunities to leverage a home to your advantage
  • An examination of your preferences and price range so that we may narrow your search to the properties within your criteria
  • A comprehensive study once a home is found of comparable properties recently sold and current market trends in order to determine an appropriate purchase price you are comfortable with and seller is willing to accept
  • Negotiation of the offer to purchase in order to find a middle ground that satisfies both you the buyer and the seller
  • Assistance after the offer is accepted in getting all necessary inspections and all required documentation completed for attorneys, escrow companies, mortgage loan companies, appraisers, and/or relocation companies
  • A list of timelines and deadlines and who is responsible during the time between contract and closing in order to ensure the transaction is completed according to the terms of the contract
  • Attendance at the closing to ensure all appropriate documentation is provided and any pending issues have been cleared
  • Follow-up to get feedback on our service, ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, and any remaining uncertainties have been addressed

Seller Services

Did you know that 80% of people start their real estate search online based on a recent study? Due to these findings, part of the selection process in choosing a San Clemente realtor to represent you and market your property should be based on their website and the marketing of your property they will provide on their site. By listing your property with San Clemente Coastal Living, your property will receive homepage placement on our website exclusively dedicated to San Clemente real estate, allowing the greatest amount of exposure to potential buyers as possible. In addition, our San Clemente real estate agents will use other internet marketing initiatives to get your home the greatest amount of exposure online as possible. We provide this service in addition to value-added advertising as part of our comprehensive and innovative marketing system.

Another deciding factor in selecting a San Clemente realtor is their local market knowledge and expertise. If you are looking for a San Clemente real estate agent who is this market’s expert, then you have come to the right place as we are exclusive San Clemente realtors. By focusing only on San Clemente, our team of real estate consultants is required to know this market inside and out in order to provide clients with all the information they need to know. Please contact us today for a comprehensive listing presentation so we can demonstrate how we will satisfy your needs given current market conditions through our specialized consultative service approach and innovative marketing system.

Services we provide:

  • An initial consultation to understand the need to place your home on the market so we can tailor our consultative services to your needs
  • A customized comprehensive listing presentation based on your needs that will include: (1) additional information about our company and San Clemente team, (2) the current and expected state of the local housing market, (3) how your home fits into the bigger picture, and (4) our strategic and innovative marketing techniques in order to get your home sold. Our goal is to gain your trust that we offer the best opportunity to sell your home
  • Assistance in preparing your home after signing a listing agreement by providing a suggested list of things to do that will increase the appeal of your home including the option of a staging service
  • Professional and innovative marketing efforts by getting the professional photos/video completed for your home, publishing it on our website, listing it on the MLS, and advertising through other innovative internet and print initiatives
  • Step-by-step walk-through of each offer in order for you to understand potential counteroffer strategies, selecting the best potential buyer, and our negotiation strategy
  • Assurance the contract contains all negotiated and accepted terms by you and the buyer in order to make this time period as smooth as possible
  • A list of timelines and deadlines and who is responsible between contract and closing to ensure key benchmarks are achieved, such as completed inspections and appraisal of your home
  • Attendance at closing with you to ensure all documentation is completed and there are no other pending issues
  • Follow-up with you for feedback on our service and any additional assistance you may need going forward

San Clemente Specialists

Being successful in a real estate transaction now falls into two distinct categories: Specialized Information and Specialized Service. Only a trained professional in a specific community can provide the true range of information that buyers and sellers need in this marketplace. Only a company focused on customer service and client relationships can truly earn a commission.

How does a team member of San Clemente Coastal Living become a specialist? Three things: Education, Training, and Experience. All members of the San Clemente Coastal Living team earn broker designations; whether a managing broker or an executive assistant, we are dedicated to the highest distinction of license that a real estate professional can earn. All members of San Clemente Coastal Living are committed to consistent and organized training and systems so that we can deliver quality services to our clients. Each team member is committed to education in all areas that affect the real estate market: the history of the community, architecture, construction, market trends, current events, and lifestyle. This knowledge and training can only be realized by fully immersing ourselves within the community. Only by experiencing the community and all of its opportunities for long periods of time is a specialist prepared to deliver the level of knowledge expected and required.

Team Concept

We are real estate consultants are primarily concerned with the needs of their clients, not on creating competition amongst themselves and solely focusing on the next closed deal. In order to provide superior customer services to all of our clients without sacrificing personal attention to individuals, San Clemente Coastal Living employs a team-based consultative approach where the managing brokers, real estate consultants, and office staff work in tandem to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service. Unlike a typical real estate agency, our consultants are not in competition with each other but work together with the goal of maintaining excellent professional relationships with our clients and prospects. If we have a mission, it is this: The Client Is Always More Important Than The Deal.

Before the Internet era, real estate brokers and agents held all of the “secrets” to the real estate marketplace. Buyers and sellers relied on Realtors to be experts in all communities because the information was only accessible to those within the industry. These days, anyone who owns a computer can pull up information about different communities and current homes for sale. So why does a large segment of Realtors still feel that they hold all of the cards when it comes to community information and customer service in real estate? Imagine if a doctor or lawyer claimed that they were experts in all fields within medicine or the law…would you believe them?

The professional real estate community is currently divided into two ways of thinking: The tried and traditional vs. the new and progressive.


  • One-stop-shop for every area and every transaction type
  • Buyers and sellers solely rely on Realtors for market information and current opportunities in the marketplace
  • Agents are dependent on national brand-based offices to provide legitimacy to their business services and are forced to be in competition with each other rather than collaborating for the good of the client
  • Realtors practice a sales-based customer service model, and buyers and sellers are entirely dependent on which agent spends the most money for marketing


  • Become a true specialist in a particular community or transaction type
  • Specialized websites providing buyers and sellers with the resources to research all of their preferences
  • These community websites support offices that promote a team concept for the benefit of the client based on specialization, collaboration, and consultative-based customer service
  • In today’s challenging marketplace, a real estate consultant is focused on the client’s needs and personal preferences, not closing the deal